Photo courtesy of Matty Lynn Barnes, 2019

Photo courtesy of Matty Lynn Barnes, 2019

I’m small town-raised and big city-living. I operate out of my studio at The Compound Gallery in North Oakland, CA making works on paper and wood. When I’m not there, I’m at the rodeo eating corndogs or out in nature.

Contact/ Inquiries

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions about my work, commissions, collaborations, or projects. Commission rates range depending on materials and scope of the project.

Email: billieripleyhayden

IG: @billieripleyhayden

I am available for murals, logo creation, clothing/tshirt design, tattoo design, and much more. Have an idea you’d like to pitch? I’m happy to chat!

Mailing List

To sign up for my mailing list, click the link and fill out the short form. You will get updates regarding upcoming shows, as well as postcards, exclusive material, letterpress art, and odd gifts. 

*I keep all information confidential. Only supply your home address if you wish to receive physical mail, it is not required!